‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Britney’s last push

After accusing Britney Haynes of basically rolling over and dying last night in the “Big Brother 14” house, we are now pleased to report something else entirely — she is giving it a good shot today!

While we don’t really think that this last-ditch campaigning is going to get her anywhere, Britney is making a last-minute push to keep herself in the game using a key argument — that Danielle is so tied to Shane, that is also so emotional in this game that it can be a problem. Unfortunately, there is one other major problem that she runs into here — there’s no way that Shane is going to vote to keep her using this argument. Shane knows that Britney is smart enough to get rid of him to further her game, and he also knows that Danielle would probably self-evict before sending him out of the game. If that’s not the kind of ally you want, then what is?

The only real move Britney has at this point (given that she already has Ian’s vote) is convincing Joe and one other person to join her side — and Joe has already said that he is voting to evict her unless somebody else agrees to take her side. Dan is her only option remaining, and the sole argument that she can really make here is that Danielle may be more inclined to keep Shane in this game than him based on the “funeral” outburst that didn’t mean anything. We’re not quite sure this is true, but it’s still an argument she can try to make along with keeping allies around to take out Frank this coming week.

It’s going to take a miracle for Britney to stay around — but then again, we also never thought that we would see Dan find a way to weasel himself off of the block using Jenn’s Veto necklace.

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Photo: CBS

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