‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Is Toby really fighting for good?

We have now been through what was an epic summer block of “Pretty Little Liars” episodes, and now there is one further question worth asking — where does the show go from here, and just what happens now that the revelation has been made that Toby has been playing girlfriend Spencer this entire time as “A”? Suffice it to say, there is still quite a bit of interesting content coming up on the pipeline.

One thing that we do know right now, though, is that some of the rumors out there about Toby’s intentions on the “A-Team” can be put to rest. In an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Marlene King confirms that he does not have good intentions behind his move, and this is not a case of him trying to protect Spencer by going undercover and infiltrating the group from within. She also explained that we will find out if he ever really loved Spencer in the new year, and tried to give some insight as to why he chose to sleep with Spencer right before the truth was revealed:

“It helped to keep the surprise, but also I feel that, for Spencer, it was the right time. Toby had been gone for several weeks and she was the one who wanted to wait. And for her character, not knowing he’s on the A Team, it made sense for her to want to consummate the relationship. She thought she might’ve lost him forever until he showed back up in town.”

The Halloween episode coming up in October will probably not reveal much more in the way of details about what is going on here for Toby, but it should at least continue to provide us with a greater sense of stakes as to what the girls are going to be dealing with moving forward. After spending all of this time thinking that they were safe from “A,” they are now going to learn that there is a monster hiding within their own ranks.

Are you still stunned at the thought of Toby being so evil?

Photo: ABC Family

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