‘Dancing with the Stars’ spotlight: Pamela Anderson and Tristan MacManus

When you at most of the cast for the All-Stars version of “Dancing with the Stars,” you will notice that there is a common thread among almost all of the cast members — they have made it to the finale of their respective seasons. With the exception of Sabrina Bryan (who was announced after the fact), Pamela Anderson is the only person on this list who did not make it to at least the top 3.

So is he former “Baywatch” superstar going to have a better shot this time? Read on and find out…

Claim to fame – Being one of the most sought-after women of the past several decades, in addition to being a television star and magazine cover model. Pam has also made headlines courtesy of her relationships with such people as Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, though she is promising to put these on the back burner this season so that she can focus solely on the dancing.

Past placement – 6th place (season 10)

Past partner – Damian Whitewood

Current partner – Tristan MacManus

Story on the show – Despite giving some strong performances, you never really had the feeling during Pam’s first go-around that she really was on stable footing for much of the show. She was a big name, but she consistently had a hard time getting viewer support despite being a pretty good performer. While she was able to beat some bad dancers including Buzz Aldrin and Kate Gosselin, she could not crack the top five of one of the show’s highest-rated seasons.

Strengths – First and foremost, Pam’s an entertainer. She knows how to use her body and play a character on the floor, and this is essential for trying to be a good dancer when it comes to storytelling. She also is especially strong when it comes to ballroom.

You also really have to include Tristan in here, since he is in many ways the perfect partner for her. One of the things we need to see out of Pam is fun, and he brings that out of everyone from Nancy Grace to Gladys Knight. He’s just a likable guy, and one with an ever-growing fan base of his own.

Weaknesses – Speaking of fan bases, Pam needs to work on hers. Many of the show’s viewers are women, and they are not so keen on appreciating her status as a sex icon during much of the past 20 years. Even though she is a great dancer, she did not do enough to convince people that her level of performance was so good to make up for her small loyal following — which is how Nicole Scherzinger ended up winning this season.

Prediction – It would be nice to see Pam stick around for a while, mostly because this may be the first time in her entire life that she can be considered an underdog. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her out the first week — there are more experienced dancers here, and also ones with bigger followings. She is definitely not the worst cast member here (that honor goes to Bristol Palin), but we already know what sort of support the Palin family has.

How well do you think Pam is going to do this season? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more of our spotlight series, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: ABC

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