‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Can the live show come soon enough?

There’s an interesting dichotomy going on right now when it comes to “Big Brother 14.” On one hand, Wednesday night’s new episode was one of the best of he entire season thanks in part to the elaborate move that Dan made in order to save himself and put Britney up on the block.

Unfortunately, we have hardly seen the same level of excitement since that time. As a matter of fact, the perfect cure for insomnia may have been watching the feeds for an extended period of time. Wednesday was so dull that Joe napping and cooking may have actually been a highlight of the day. (It’s better than Ian talking about his favorite players for the billionth time.)

Britney for whatever reason has decided to roll over and die for her second straight time in this game, which may give you some further evidence as to why she wasn’t that great of a coach and that Rachel (even if it was a third straight season) would have been better when it comes to never giving up. With there being no strategy talk in this department, some of the houseguests have shifted their focus to Thursday night’s Head of Household challenge — whee both Shane and Danielle are claiming that they will throw it to Dan in the event that he has an opportunity to win. The strategy in doing this seems to be keeping the target on their backs small, and doing this with the knowledge that he will probably try to backdoor Frank after spending several weeks putting him straight on the block have backfired. Dan does have an incentive to win in that he doesn’t want to be in jeopardy, but there are two people who seem to be bigger targets than him at the moment in Ian and Frank.

Stay tuned — we’ll have more leading up to what should be an epic battle for endurance Thursday night soon. To check out some more highlights when it comes to Dan’s future plans, be sure and head over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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