‘Royal Pains’ review: Dr. Sacani rules Paulo Costanzo’s directorial debut

Now that we have had a full season of “Royal Pains” with Dr. Jeremiah Sacani on board, we are starting to admit that it is really had to imagine this series without him. Rarely four seasons in do you have a character that adds so much to a show, and makes you miss him whenever he is not around. (See: last week.)

Wednesday night’s episode was the directorial debut of cast member Paulo Costanzo (at least when it came to this show), and he did a really great job with a story that, while more procedural in nature, was actually a giant dose of fun. We saw Sacani have to play babysitter to a pop star who was actually in part a sweet southern belle, and there were a few moments in here where we legitimately thought that these two were going to hook up. (Then again, we’re still rooting for him and Divya despite whatever sort of saucy thing she has going on.) The reason Ben Shenkman’s character is so engaging is simply because he is in many ways like a sheltered child getting lost in the real world — he’s a likable Sheldon Cooper, with many of the same quirks but not the arrogance. Therefore, he’s an easy character to root for when it comes to love, even though we’re still not sure he knows how to fully process what love means to other people.

This really was a busy week on the romance front, as Hank inched ever closer to potentially meeting his new Ms. Right in the lady doctor from earlier this season — who he was able to charm and/or bribe back into his life with pop star tickets.  Meanwhile, Paige got situated in a brand-new environment when it came to her school — one that involved her living in a dorm rather than the expensive estate owned by her father. This was a major evolution for the character after learning she was adopted last week, but it worked surprisingly well as she wanted to make her own life.

We are near the end of the show’s summer run, and with that there is only one thing we ask — more movement with Hank’s romantic life. Also, would it be too much to ask for even more Sacani moving forward?

Had the newest member of HankMed become the best part of season 4 to you? To check out some more news pertaining to the show, be sure and follow the link here.

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