‘Necessary Roughness’ summer finale review: Turnover and frowns

Warning: If you have not seen the summer finale yet for “Necessary Roughness,” it is almost necessary that you stop reading this article now.

It’s crazy to think that the New York Hawks have just started to play their first full game of the season, and the summer season of Callie Thorne’s hit show is already over. There are some episodes still coming up for season 2, but now we have to wait with a number of really surprising cliffhangers. First things first, Ray Jr. is in some pretty heavy trouble with the law after a fantasy draft deal gone bad. He didn’t realize that T.K. was going to be heading to rehab, and his insistence on taking him not only lead to some financial trouble, but also a pending arrest as he was pulled over by police after one of his fellow drafters kicked his taillight, only to then discover that there was pot in the car.

As for how T.K. is doing, we like to think that he finally got the wake-up call he needed. He went on a bender rather than going to rehab, and he then watched the guy he went on said bender with die. If this is not a wake-up, we don’t know what is — but this made for some powerful final scenes between himself and Dani. To keep this theme of death going, there were also another pair of tragic passings that caught us off gone — the beloved fish and Marshall Pittman. While the former may only have had an emotional connection to a few people, it was still an important one. Meanwhile, Pittman’s death (which seems to be confirmed, though these things can change) is likely going to throw the entire Hawks organization into even more chaos than it is already in, considering that they had to pull a last-minute trade just to get a quality wideout on the field.

We were not sure about the show’s direction at times in the middle of this season, but we have to give the producers credit here — it all managed to come together very well in the end.

What did you think about the summer finale, and what part of it surprised you the most? To check out some more news from the show, be sure and follow the link here.

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