‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Cheers for Chehon and Cyrus

The field is down to eight on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and on Wednesday night the stage was set for some of the most intense dancing on the night. There was another elimination at the very end of the night, and the field was reduced yet again to six.

So how did the dancers fare, and who went home? Read on to find out. (Note: It’s hard to judge the solos, so we’re just going to focus on the

Whitney Carson – It was a major stretch to see Whitney out of her ballroom roots to do a snazzy hip-hop routine with tWitch, and it actually was pretty cool to watch. We have seen all sorts of great moments play out on the show this season, but this had to be one of the top ones when it came to being a surprise.

Cole Horibe – If anyone thinks that dance is not a sport, just show them this routine and watch their jaw drop. Thee was so much physicality here that we don’t even know where to start — it was fast-placed, excited, and there really was so much content shoved in that it is hard to even highlight just one move.

Eliana Girard – If there is one style of dance that really has to be considered a dance of death for people on this show, it’s the quickstep. It’s not only challenging to do, but it is not the most engaging style to watch. With that being said, Eliana makes just about everything she does into something special, and we have to say the same thing about this routine here.

Lindsay Arnold – Ultimately, this really was the weakest of the first five routines on the night, and this is even with the legendary Alex Wong at the helm. The judges were ultimately right here that there just wasn’t much of a connection or chemistry to the dance, and it ended up just feeling a bit lacking.

Will Thomas – The biggest challenge that Will has faced on the show is trying to be serious, and for the second one of his performances, he slowed things down for a Christopher Scott routine that was literally about “dancing the pain away.” This was actually a really inspiring piece, and one of his best in the entire competition. For the first time all season long, we really connected to this guy on a personal level.

Cyrus Spencer – The interesting thing about Cyrus is that it is almost like the judges have really decided to stop criticizing Cyrus like they do most of the other dancers — and it’s probably some more evidence that he really is one of the most popular dancers on the show. We do ultimately understand why — he’s just so much fun to watch, and he really is America’s dancer in some ways given that he really does not have that much training, but is finding a way to shine regardless.

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – We have been a major Chehon fan all season long, mostly because there are things that he can do technically that we are not quite sure that anyone else can. During this tango, he showed off all of that and then some. This is an incredibly talented dancer, and regardless of how well he does the rest of the season, he’s going to have a career.

Tiffany Maher – At first, we thought that the idea behind this dance was a little bit cheesy, but Tiffany absolutely refused to allow it to be so. This dance was emotional, strong, and easily her best work on the show. Really, this was just further proof that the judges had their work cut out for them.

The results

We’ve been saying for weeks now that Whitney and Lindsay would eventually end up competing against each other, and it really happened to them this week. Meanwhile, the judges were also forced to decide between Will and Cole. Whitney ended up staying for the girls, while Cole did for the guys.

What did you think of this week’s episode? If you want to see if we got the results right in our rankings, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Fox

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