‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: First look at Adam Lambert, Halloween special

Following some of the major stunners from Tuesday night’s “Pretty Little Liars” summer finale, we understand that there are going to be a number of questions worth asking — especially when it comes to the (spoiler!) massive revelation that Nate was Maya’s killer and that Spencer’s boyfriend Toby is a part of the A-Team.

So what is going to be coming up next? Before we get to the winter half of the season (or “3B,” if you prefer to use that terminology), we have a Halloween special to look forward to set to air on Tuesday, October 23 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. First things first, we already love the line of “all about the ‘A-Train.'” In addition to that, we love the fact that Adam Lambert is going to be playing a part in the episode. The clip below shows an ironic lyric about the “crazy train” from his song “Cuckoo,” and it also features the Liars each showcasing their own form of terror.

We have become used to many episodes of the ABC Family hit being rather episodic, so this one may surprise people in a number of ways — primarily in that we hear that it is going to be a standalone story more so than a tiny piece towards figuring out who else is helping out Mona and Toby in wrecking havoc throughout Rosewood. The explanation for this is rather simple — the show’s producer wants to capitalize on the Halloween holiday with a spooky episode, but they also realize that there is too much time between this episode and the next one in January for them to drop too many hints about the story that is coming up. After all, a good many people may not remember them come January.

If you want some more reaction to the finale courtesy of Keegan Allen, be sure and head over to this link.

Photo: ABC Family

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