‘Bachelor Pad 3’: What two stars just got engaged?

Mrs. Carter: Do you hear wedding bells?

Love is in the air when it comes to “Bachelor Pad” this season — but on this occasion, it revolves around a relationship that we have not really seem blossom too much yet outside of Monday night’s new episode.

(Warning: the following contains what some people may consider to be a spoiler — but we’re not giving away how anyone fares in the actual game.)

Following weeks and weeks of rumors surrounding whether or not they were going to form a deep relationship on the show, a source tells RumorFix that single dad (and Emily Maynard castoff) Tony Pieper and former Ben Flajnik contestant Blakeley Jones are now engaged following a proposal that was made at the taping for the finale over the weekend.

This is hardly the first time that romance in the “Bachelor Pad” has worked its way into real life, as the show has already produced such couples as Tenley and Kiptyn (or “Kip-Ten,” if your stomach can handle that nickname) and Blake and Holly, who luckily do not have some sort of cute couple name. The latter pair married earlier this year in a ceremony that did not get much attention from the “Bachelor” franchise. It may sound strange given how everyone describes “Bachelor Pad” as the seedy cousin of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” but the number of relationships working out at the moment seems to be higher than either of the flagship franchises. (Granted, there are also a lot more possible couples given the number of contestants in a season of different genders.)

There are a number of other couples from this season that may or may not be together, but there’s no word yet definitively on any of them. The list includes such people as Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart, Sarah Newlon and Chris Bukowski, and the recently-eliminated Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox.

Do you think that Tony and Blakeley are going to be a happy couple in the long-term? If you didn’t catch our review for Monday night’s new episode, you can do so over at this link.

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