‘Survivor: Philippines’ castaway spotlight: Sarah Dawson

Now that we have went through all of the returning players for “Survivor: Philippines,” we are going through some of the new castaways who are going to be a part of this season. From here on out, we’re going to be looking at some contestants with a fresh set of eyes.

First and foremost, we are going to start things off with a contestant who definitely is going to bring a great deal of energy to the show — and with that, we are hoping that she will be a great character.

Name – Sarah Dawson

Age – 28

Location – Silver Spring, Maryland

Occupation – Jewelry designer

Tribe – Kalabaw

“Survivor” comparisons – We don’t often say this, but there really aren’t that many past contestants on the show who is quite like Sarah. You don’t see very many female superfans make an appearance on the show, but her laid-back style does bring to mind one Jud “Fabio” Birza from “Nicaragua” — though she does seem to have a little bit more of an interest in playing the game.

Strategy – At least in the early stages, Sarah is probably going to be the sort of player who does her best to lay low, not cause any problems, and have fun — in other words, she wants to play the classic pre-merge game of just trying her best to fit in without ruffling too many feathers. At some point, though, Sarah’s going to need to realize that she will need to stir things up if she wants a shot at winning, and that is where her knowledge of the game comes in.

Strengths – First and foremost, Sarah’s a very smart woman. She knows that it can be harmful to come out swinging your “superfan” tag around, so she plans on suppressing it a little bit while she plays this game. She also recognizes that doing well in this game is based largely on social interaction — how well you can communicate with others, and how you can stay sane when on an island for 39 days. All of these attributes are great in the game.

Weaknesses – Sarah seems to be in pretty good shape, and really the only thing she probably needs to be on the watch for at the moment is ensuring that she does not come across as being too grating or over-enthusiastic. You have to remember that you’re on an island and people are going to be grumpy — not everyone’s going to want to be your fiend 24 hours a day.

Prediction – Unless her tribe turns out to be a gang of serious grumps (they do have Jonathan Penner, so it’s possible), we personally expect to see Sarah make it pretty far into this game. There’s nothing about her that makes her the sort of person you would want out of the game early, and she know this game well enough to flip on an alliance if she has to once the merge hits. She has a decent shot at winning this game, even — at least so long as she makes a few moves and has a good argument for the jury at the end.

Do you appreciate having a female superfan of the show like Sarah around? Be sure to share your predictions in the poll box below, and you can check out some more of our castaway spotlights over at this link.

Photo: CBS


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