‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Newcomer explains Dianna Agron absence

Over the course of the past several weeks, there has been one question that has plagued “Glee” fans left and right when it comes to the upcoming fourth season — where in the world is Quinn Fabray? Dianna Agron and Jayma Mays were the two most noteworthy stars of the show absent when the official promotional photos were released last week, and it has already said to all sorts of questions from some fans who have inevitably started fearing the worst.

However, we already know from executive producer Ryan Murphy that both actresses are going to be back on the show in some capacity — and now, even one of the newcomers has spoken out on this subject. In an interview with E! News, Jacob Artist (who is going to play Puck’s half-brother Jake at McKinley this season) explained that Agron has been unavailable as of late due to her being halfway around the world:

“I believe she is in France shooting a movie. Fancy, right? She actually is the only cast member I have not met yet because she has been away this whole time. I believe Ryan tweeted right after she is still on the show and everything. She just happened to not be there for the photo shoot.”

For those curious about his new character, Artist claimed that Jake is going to be a Puckerman through and through, and really have the same sort of rebellious streak within him that we saw with Puck time and time again on the show. However, that does not mean that his personality is going to necessarily be the same, and Murphy has already teased that one of the hot couples on this upcoming season is going to be Jake and another new arrival Marley (Mellisa Benoist).

If you want to see the latest promo for the new season, be sure to venture over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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