‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: Adam removes the elf costume

Adam’s back.

After a week of seeing the world’s most ridiculous elf grace our TV sets and the live feeds, Adam is Elf can finally go back to being just Adam in the “Big Brother 13” house. The heavy-metal rocker decided to hold a special ceremony late Friday morning to commemorate the disrobing of the costume — which, while it was not something everyone wanted to see, produced some pretty funny moments.

Before Adam removed the costume, he forced every houseguest to explain what their favorite and least favorite moments were when it came to him being an elf. The responses varied — Jordan said something nice, multiple people talked about the bells, and Jeff joked that he actually liked the elf better.

Surprisingly, the funniest comment of all here came from Rachel (who is now starting to become slightly more bearable), claiming that she enjoyed Adam the Elf’s striptease during her mock-bachelorette party, but that she wished the elf showed a little bit more skin in the process.

As for those of you looking for some more specific information pertaining to the game, it is looking like Rachel is for sure getting nominated, with Jeff, Shelly, and Porsche serving as other possible candidates in that order.

Photo: CBS

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