‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale review: Who killed Maya — and is on the A-Team?

There was enough hype for Tuesday night’s summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars” to fill up every locker in Rosewood High, and there was one question left worth asking now — did it live up to the hype?

We were promised before the episode that we would find out Maya’s killer as well as a member of the A-Team, and early on this week it looked close to obvious that this person was going to be Paige — so much so that it was too obvious that she was going to be involved. However, she did have a message from “A” on her phone — so she is either getting blackmailed, or she is communicating with her in some sort of direct way.

Then, the focus shifted in a big way about forty minutes into the episode to someone who was not even on the suspect list for the show — Maya’s cousin Nate. He actually had kidnapped Paige as a way to take something from her the same way that she took Maya away from her. After a chase that led to the rest of the Liars (plus Caleb) finding her, she ended up having to put a knife in him in order to protect herself.

On the romance front, there was some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there was a Spencer / Toby love scene, and they have definitely taken their relationship to the next level. Aria and Ezra may have also taken their relationship to a new level, but not necessarily the one in which they would probably want. Maggie stopped by and paid Ezra a visit, and now he may be stating to get his feelings all mixed up.

Now, we move on to the final shocker of the episode — the person who was carted away at the end of the episode wasn’t just Nate … it was also Caleb, who made a very big mistake in putting the gun down. Is he really dead? That much is still unclear, but we do know that Garrett is out of jail now thanks to the Liars’ actions. Plus, Toby is on the “A Team.” Toby! What does this mean … and why? We’re really still in shock on this one.

Can we say that this was a brilliant episode? Definitely, and up to the very end the twists definitely kept coming — especially when you thought that “Nate” was the person responsible for everything. Instead, he was just one piece of a larger puzzle.

What did you think about this episode, and were you satisfied with some of the big reveals? If you want to check out some more news from the second half of season 3, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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