‘American Horror Story’ season 2 spoilers: Want a pill?

Somewhere, somehow, FX has continued to find a way to keep preview teasers coming out for the latest edition of “American Horror Story” subtitled “Asylum” — and the latest may very well be one of the series’ finest yet just in terms of combining, the weird, wacky, and the visual.

The premise behind this clip is pretty simple — we see a person open their mouth in what looks to be a move of terror — and then, someone gives them a pill and they are quickly returned to normal. If someone is looking for a prime example of horror in the real world, you are not really going to find one that is any better than this. Are the patients in this insane asylum being suppressed by the doctors there? We don’t know for sure, but given the history of institutions (particularly those in the 1960s) we have to believe that it is happening. After all, electroshock therapy is not just something reserved for Alexis Biedel’s character on “Mad Men” — it happened to a number of people during that time, and we would be stunned if it doesn’t join the pills in the cache of suppression techniques here.

While none of these teasers have painted anywhere close to a perfect picture of this coming season, what they have at least done a pretty good job at is showing little pieces that, when placed together, suggest that many of the details we have heard about this season are going to be true. This institution is going to be run by nuns, and we are going to be seeing some questionable things happening to the patients.

What do you think about this teaser, and how does it compare to you to some of the others that we have seen? Be sure and share some of your thoughts below! To check out another look at the series, pay a visit over to the link here.

Photo: FX

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