‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: More campaigning and questions

While one of the nominees for eviction has been relatively quiet in the “Big Brother 14” house so far on this Tuesday another person is already going to work in an effort to ensure that she sticks around for at least one more week — all while putting herself in a position to stay even longer.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

While Britney, though, has a pretty easy argument for staying in that she can rally the house against Frank, Danielle has a bit more of a complicated road. Although she at the moment is likely the person that will stay, she also realizes that she has to continue selling that she and Dan are not too close anymore after the “funeral” outburst so that nobody suspects anything. Her biggest priority is making sure that she and Shane stay together, since he and Britney also have a close relationship thanks to her being his former coach.

At the moment, the argument Shane and Joe have for keeping Danielle is pretty simple — if they make this move, they do not split the house and make it a little bit more unclear to Frank that they are going after him. However, getting Danielle out would put a target on their backs just as large (if not larger) as Ian, since they would be drawing a line in the sand. The one piece of evidence that they are leaning towards Danielle? Shane telling Joe that he would take him to the final three over Danielle, mostly because he wants to ensure that he has the best shot at winning. (Joe claims that he would be just fine with second place — which is what the perfect goat would say.)

If Danielle stays, both she and Frank have “agreed” (though it’s unclear if Dani is telling the truth) that Ian will be the target next week to get the rat out of the house.

Do you think it makes sense for Shane to get rid of Britney, if for no other reason than that his chances in a potential final two would be a little better with Danielle or someone like Joe if he lasts that far? If you want to see where some of these people stand in the newest version of our rankings, be sure and hit up the link here.

Photo: CBS

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