‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Jonathan Banks reflects on [spoiler]

Warning: If you have not watched Sunday night’s new episode of “Breaking Bad” yet, you probably want to stop reading now and get on that.

If there is one thing that makes this show a slice of TV magic, it’s that Vince Gilligan and company find a way to make something so predictable still somehow find a way to be exciting. When we first learned earlier this season that Mike Ehrmantraut was going to get into business with Walt and Jesse, we realized that this was probably not going to end very well for the character. However, his death still produced what was one of the most notable (albeit polarizing) moments on the show yet, as he trusted Walt enough for whatever reason to not kill him in a standoff in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the end to his character on the show, Jonathan Banks admitted that first of all, he saw the writing on the wall here as much as anyone else:

“I always knew. I always thought, ‘Mike’s a bad guy. Mike’s gonna die.’ So did it come as a surprise? Not at all.”

Meanwhile, Banks also reflected on getting the opportunity to be a part of one of the greatest shows on television, but also being one of the most enjoyable characters — someone who could be terrifying without really saying much at all:

“I think Mike is one of the great television characters of all time. It’s hard not to do a great character when something is written that well. What a joy! The whole thing was a joy, you know? What a gift Vince Gilligan gave me. What a gift!”

Now, we just have to hope that Banks is given more opportunities to shine with some characters moving forward, and that he gets a similar treatment from the Emmys that Giancarlo Esposito is receiving this year — where he is considered one of the favorites to win Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Do you miss Mike already, and do you think Banks is a serious Emmy contender? To check out a preview for the show’s 2012 finale, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: AMC

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