‘Big Brother 14’ rankings: All about Dan Gheesling’s big move

We have seen people escape from death’s door a number of times over the course of “Big Brother” history, but season 10 champ Dan Gheesling still managed to pull off one of the biggest miracles ever prior to the Veto Ceremony Monday. His quick bit of strategy not only keeps himself safe from the block, but it also takes him from the bottom of our rankings (which he would have been had Frank’s nominations stayed the same) to the top.

There are also all sorts of other changes this week, as the house is in chaos and we don’t really know who is siding with who anymore.

8. Britney Haynes (last week: #2) – What difference a week makes, as Frank winning Head of Household has turned our top two from last week into our bottom two this week. We still think that Britney is a smart player and there is about a 30% chance she will stick around, but she needs to sell Shane hard on the fact that she is someone who is a bigger asset to him in this game over Danielle.

7. Danielle Murphree (last week: #1) – What may get Danielle in trouble (even to the point of her getting evicted) is her own delusions that she and Shane are closer than they really are. We still lean towards her staying, but this is not guaranteed by any means and anything can happen.

6. Frank Eudy (last week: #8) – There’s no doubt that Frank has made some great moves this week, and being aligned with Dan, Danielle, and Jenn could keep him safe next week if one of them wins HoH. However, the guy is not going to be eligible to play for the top prize for two weeks thanks to a twist in the Veto Competition, and they could still turn on him — plus, pretty much everyone else in the house wants him out.

5. Ian Terry (last week: #6) – The days of Ian being the likable geek are over, and now he is the schemer and the rat responsible for backstabbing Frank and eliminating both Boogie and Ashley. There’s no doubt that Frank wants his blood, and if someone in Dan’s new alliance is in power next week, he’s in serious trouble.

4. Shane Meaney (last week: #7) – Here’s the crazy thing about Shane’s game at the moment. In being completely clueless, he has helped himself tremendously. Britney has somehow been read as a bigger threat than him, and even Ian could be sent home before him. If this guy makes it into the final three and Frank is not there, you might as well write him a check.

3. Joe Arvin (last week: #3) – We really think that Joe has a pretty good chance of making the final two — but not because he’s a good player. Rather, he’s the ultimate goat — no one really likes him, and he’s flip-flopped so many times that no one respects his game. Regardless of who he sides with this week, he’s not an immediate target.

2. Jenn Arroyo (last week: #9) – In winning the Veto this week, Jenn proved that she is an active player in this game now– and with the right person, she could make it to the end. However, does she have the strategic fortitude to make her own big move? This is what we are worried about, and what may cause her to lose this season.

1. Dan Gheesling (last week: #4) – Dan is getting close to Dr. Will now on the “Big Brother” greatness meter, and he may even surpass him if he makes the final two. His game is not always flashy, but it’s solid — and we have to give him credit for how he managed to throw the Quack Pack under the bus, save himself from the block, and also find a way to not be anyone’s primary target next week. We do imagine that Dan will be on the block again and is a bigger threat than Joe or Jenn — but if he keeps making moves like this, he is the person mostly likely to leave this game with $500,000 in his pocket (again).

Who do you think is the most primed to win this season now? We want to hear from you below! If you want to catch the latest live feed update for the show, be sure and hit up the link here. We also have more of the latest news in the sidebar to the right.

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