‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale spoilers: More on Mona and the dual hoodies

Before we get to the summer finale for “Pretty Little Liars” Tuesday night, we do have some brand-new comments to share from executive producer Marlene King that focus very much on one subject — the “A Team.” We know that Mona is a part of the crew, and that she is going to find a way out of Radley Sanitarium at some point during the episode. What we don’t know at the moment is this — who is going to be joining her as a part of the crew.

While King is not being so blatant as to spoil her own big reveal, she does tease to TV Fanatic that there are going to be a good many people who will be stunned by what they see transpire during this episode:

“…There’s a picture floating around out there with her in that black hoodie so we realize she’s gotten back into her black hoodie closet very quickly. And from the closer of last week’s episode, we established there are two black hoodies and tomorrow night you’re going to find out who those people are … I think for people who were hoping that the Mona reveal might be more shocking, they’re getting their shock [in the finale].”

Some of the leading suspects at the moment to be on this team include the likes of Paige, Ezra, Toby, and even some of the Liars themselves — but we also would not be surprised if the writers manage to pull a rabbit right out of their hat and put someone in a hoodie that we would never expect to see.

Regardless, the time for speculation is almost at an end. Be sure to come back to Cartermatt.com at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time tonight, as we will have a full review published for the episode.

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Photo: ABC Family

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