‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Britney plays ‘figure it out’

Someone’s got a secret in the “Big Brother” house — and if Britney wants to figure out just what it is, she is going to have to go about a rather rigorous guessing game. Does she have enough time to really figure out who is behind this new scheme, and if she does, will she get enough people to buy into a new plan? Those are the two questions that are going to largely dictate the next two days.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers straight from the live feed.)

What we already know at this very moment is that Britney knows that Dan made some sort of deal with Jenn and Frank, and that Danielle may somehow be involved. However, she’s yet to really figure all of it out that Dan’s plan to trash his former protegee at the “funeral” — coupled with him faking being traumatized from the 24-hour punishment — were both orchestrated fully in order to deflect suspicion away from what he was up to. If she wants to ensure that Shane (arguably the swing vote at this very moment) keeps her, she needs to prove to him that Danielle has made another secret deal behind his back that he is not really a part of at all.

While Britney struggles to make her perfect pitch, Dan has fallen back into his role nicely as the nice guy pulling the strings. He knows that once again Frank is the biggest target, and he will be who everyone goes after depending on who actually ends up winning the next Head of Household Competition. Britney thinks that Frank’s logic in getting her out is dividing all of the houseguests who were working with her so that some of them may be more likely to team up with him. While Brit has yet to win a challenge all summer, he’s right that she is the reason he has been in danger so much this season.

Do you think Shane will make his mind sooner rather than later? To see how events unfolded earlier in the night Monday, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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