‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Is a surprising vote ahead?

If you have been reading this side today, then you already know that there was a pretty bold move bade in the “Big Brother 14” house Monday courtesy of the Power of Veto Ceremony. However, the is one major question that remains — will this big move actually yield the desired result?

(Warning: the following contains spoilers straight from the live feed.)

When Frank made the decision to backdoor Britney after Jenn used the Veto on Dan, the move was made with the idea that he could sway Joe to take out the former coach, especially since he and Ian hated each other and would never work together in a million years. Plus, Danielle was also confident that her “no-mance” partner for the season would choose to keep her around over his former coach. While at the moment we would still lean towards Britney going home Thursday night, the actions in the house at the moment do show that nothing has been firmly set in stone just yet.

When it comes to Ian, it’s a given that he wants to keep Britney around — meanwhile, Joe has told Ian that he ants to do the same thing, though you can’t put too much stock in his comments yet based on the fact that he also told Danielle that she had his vote to stay in the game. (Nobody lies through and through quite like him!) As for Shane … let’s just say that there is plenty of time yet to be swayed. It looks as though he is planning to keep Danielle, but Britney has talked with him a little bit, and the team of Ian and Joe wants to speak with him at some point in the coming days in order to try and sway his mind a little bit.

What do you anticipate Shane doing, and do you think that Britney does have a shot at sticking around? We want to hear from you below! If you want to check out some more spoilers straight from the live feed, be sure and head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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