‘True Blood’ season 5 finale: Check out a secret Pam / Tara scene!

There were a number of surprises that ended up unfolding near the end of “True Blood” season 5, but quite possibly one of the most surprising was seeing two characters get together that we never imagined would do so many years again — Pam and Tara. They kissed briefly during the finale Sunday night, and now a new bonus scene for HBO GO users gives us yet another opportunity to see what could be coming up for these two.

This scene features the team of Pam, Tara, Jason, Jessica, and Nora all escaping the Vampire Authority via the elevator, and there is a pretty cute line here between the two of them. Meanwhile, Jason also continues his distant behavior towards Jessica, while a scene in his head shows the spirit of his parents telling him how pride they are of him for killing so many vampires. (To think, the person responsible for their deaths in Warlow is going to be a major presence throughout season 6 — even though we may or may not have met him already.)

By the time season 6 does begin next year, we expect to see Pam and Tara together in some capacity — however, we are worried that Jason is going down a dark path that is going to lead to him isolating all vampires that were once in his life — including Jessica and the other people he just worked with in Nora, Tara, and Eric (who he never exactly that close with to begin with).

Were you surprised at all by the sudden Tara / Pam pairing at the end of this season, and do you find yourself rooting for them to be together now? We want to hear your thoughts on the subject below! If you want to see how the finale performed in the ratings Sunday night, be sure to visit the story here.

Photo: HBO

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