‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Do we have a final two?

For most of the season on “Hell’s Kitchen,” we have held to a belief that the final two contestants were going to be Christina and Justin. Both have been pretty strong all season long, have made few mistakes in the kitchen, and have mostly kept their emotions in check.

So did this really end up happening? For most of this episode, we were nervous — it was actually Barbie who stood out more so than Christina during the dinner service, and she and Justin would be in the finale based solely on how this service went. However, it would be a completely different story if you looked at the season as a whole. It was petty obvious that Dana was going to be going home despite her strong challenge performances, but the only question was just who was going to be joining her.

However, Chef Ramsay then threw out a curveball — he sent Barbie home first, which left us with a final three of Dana, Christina, and Justin. Then, the show saddled us with a “to be continued.” Did you really have to do that? From our standpoint, it was really rather obvious that a Justin / Christina final two was the way to go — even if for story purposes Christina and Dana would be interesting given their friendship. This has tuned out, though, to be one of the better “Hell’s Kitchen” seasons, and we are beyond intrigued to find out just how all of this is going to end up coming to a close.

What did you think about this episode, and are you rooting specifically for any given person to win? We want to haer some of your thoughts with a comment below!┬áTo check out some more news pertaining to “Hell’s Kitchen,” be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: Fox

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