‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The smell of sour grapes

We all know that it stinks to be put in a position on “Big Brother” where you know you are likely to be leaving the game. It basically gives you three days to try and pull a miracle out of thin air, and since this is generally unlikely what you really end up spending most of your time doing instead is sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself.

However, Ian and Britney have now managed to find a new way to pass the time — deliriously act out and complain about everything. Following a heated shouting match in the Head of Household room with Frank (who threw Britney up on the block after Jenn used the Veto), Ian proceeded to get ridiculously drunk, declare that Frank made the biggest mistake of his life, and then go on and on as though nothing ever happened. Meanwhile, Britney stood up and started to have a Dan-bashing party for anyone who would listen, proclaiming him to be a traitor and a pretty terrible person for orchestrating her likely eviction just a day after she helped clean his have-not room following his isolation.

Are both of these people justified in their anger? Sure — at the moment, they’ve both realized just how played they were in this game. Ian’s acting all offended despite the fact that he stuck two knives in Frnak’s back last week, and Britney was plotting to get rid of Frank ever since week one. Although she’s mad at Dan, she really holds no ill will towards Frank at all for backdooring her — acknowledging that he is a good player and deciding to not even deny that she has been trying to get him out of the game for quite a while now.

As bad as things seem for Britney right now, though, there’s still hope — she is not giving up, and could stay if both Shane and¬†Joe¬†decide to give her a vote. Joe has sworn loyalty to both sides, and Shane may not be that broken up about getting Danielle out of the house.

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Photo: CBS

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