‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: A new plot for Regina, Mr. Gold

There are a number of relationships on “Once Upon a Time” that are both valuable and entertaining to watch, but you have to put the one between Regina and Rumpelstiltskin somewhere pretty high on the list. These two are the only characters in Storybrooke with magical powers, so watching their two worlds collide is always fascinating from the standpoint of people picking sides and trying to figure out where each other stands.

So what is going to be coming up for them during the upcoming second season? The good news is that we are going to plenty more of their rivalry early on, especially in the second episode of the season. During an interview co-showrunner Edward Kitsis recently gave to the Boston Herald, it was revealed that we will learn more about this two along with their past beginning with the second episode of the season, which will feature their first-ever meeting. We will also learn a bit more about magic, its origins, and just what its limitations are when it comes to these two characters.

We know now that magic is going to play a role in Storybrooke … but can anyone other than these two characters learn to use it? That is really the eternal question at the moment, given that there is an untapped resource that will be at everyone’s disposal, and in many ways it is a currency that dictates power. Now that Regina has it again, for example, she is not in as much danger as she was when the curse was broken and everyone in the town found out who she was.

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Photo: ABC

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