‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale spoilers: Where is Alison’s body?

Are we going to finally figure out just what has happened to Alison’s body on Tuesday night’s “Pretty Little Liars” summer finale? In the middle of everything else that has been going on as of late in between Maya’s death and the mystery surrounding the A-Team, the body of our original homicide victim has been put on the back burner.

Unfortunately, there is still no guarantee that we will see what happened with the body on the upcoming episode — but speaking in a new interview with Wetpaint, executive producer Oliver Goldstick did promise that we would have some answers when it comes to this subject at some point before season 3 as a whole comes to a close:

“Alison’s remains — believe it or not — they’re going to come back into plain view, I should say, within a few episodes. In the imminent future the remains will be discovered.”

Goldstick also confirmed that the A-Team member discovered in Tuesday’s episode will not have ties to Maya’s death, but will in many ways be the partner-in-crime to Mona’s “A.” Will it be as stunning as the reveal that we had in March? Considering that the original “A” shocker was something that had happened in the books and was a little less of a jaw-dropper, this may be something that causes the entire fandom to spontaneously combust the moment it is revealed. At the moment, some of the top suspects include Lucas, Paige, and even Ezra — who has exhibited some suspicious behavior in recent weeks that he may have something shady to hide in addition to his past with Maggie.

What do you think has happened to Alison’s remains? We want to hear some of your theories below! If you want to check out some sneak peeks from this episode, be sure and pay a visit to the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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