‘America’s Got Talent’ rankings: Andrew De Leon vs. William Close

There are only 24 acts remaining now on “America’s Got Talent” this season, and they really include what may be the widest array of talent ever on this show — from a goth opera singer to a mind-reader to fancy dog tracks and a man with a giant harp. It’s the most unpredictable season to date, and that is what makes the ranks for Tuesday’s performance show all the more interesting.

Going into this show, here is where we think these 12 performers stand.

12. Bria Kelly – Really, you can thank the terrible YouTube show for Bria getting through. She’s not a bad singer, but she wouldn’t have made the top 24 had this been “American Idol.” There are simply too many other talented people still in the game at the moment.

11. Todd Oliver and Irving – Forgive us, but isn’t this a little too much cheese for a full-length show? While we submit that the talking dog was better during the wild-card show than in the earlier rounds, we still don’t know how in the world he went through over some better acts including Spencer Horsman and Jarrett & Raja. This show should really be re-named “America Hates Magic.”

10. Donovan & Rebecca – As these acrobats are sure to discover, America can be a fickle bunch. They will watch a singer take on similar tracks time and time again, but not watch an acrobatic act that is similar time and time again. For that reason, this is about as far as any aerial routine ever makes it on this show.

9.  Edon – He’s not a bad singer, and we really like him a lot — but we just don’t think Edon will be remembered against a lineup that is this vast and contains so much talent.

8. Eric Dittelman – Considering that America is not kind to magic, it’s shocking that they allowed this excellent psychic to get this fal. Unfortunately, he may not be serious enough for America to take him seriously — and he will need a serious stunt to have any chance at advancing to the finale.

7. Academy of Villains – By far, this dance crew was the best thing that came out of the YouTube show — but even then, it was not exactly like they did too much that was completely different. We’ve been saying this all season, but we really don’t think America wants to see more of the same anymore.

6. The Scott Brothers – In their last performance, they blew us away with their mix of technique and humor. This is a fine example of a duo who are genuine entertainers and strive for that more than anything else — but we also have a hard time seeing these two headlining in a Las Vegas show.

5. Turf – There is an outside chance of Turf making it through to the finale based solely on his story alone, but we have one major concern — he’s incredibly talented, but have we seen his best moves already? We already know what this can and cannot do, and that poses a problem for us to see more of the same.

4. Tom Cotter – Regardless of whether or not Tom makes the finale, he’s guaranteed a career in comedy thanks to this show. He’s the funniest, sharpest comic this series has ever had, and the only thing that could slow him down here is trying to win over an audience in just 90 seconds — which is harder for a comic than many other acts.

3. Joe Castillo – The reason Joe has a good shot at doing well here is for the same reason we have seen success out of the likes of Team iLuminate and the Silhouettes in the past on this show — his act is largely visual, and it yields to telling a story within the brief time he is on stage. If he create a picture moving enough with sand, he has a very good shot of being a finalist.

2. Andrew De Leon – We have little doubt that Andrew will make it to the finale next week, and it is a bizarre journey given that he was out of the running two weeks ago. The truth is that he is a great singer, but we wonder whether or not the anti-singer bias set up this year will end up hurting him.

1. William Close – Not only do we think that William could win this competition in a heartbeat, but we would genuinely pay to see his show anywhere in the world. It’s completely different than anything we’ve ever seen before, and this is genuinely what this show needs after spending so many years with singer after singer taking home the title.

Who do you think is the best candidate to advance to the finale? We want to hear from you! To check out some more “America’s Got Talent” news, be sure and visit the story here.

Update: Our friends at AGT News are reporting that there will only be three acts from each semifinal that advance to the finale, and this means that only six acts will face off for the title in a couple of weeks.

Photo: NBC

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