‘Breaking Bad’ finale first look: One versus nine

While next Sunday’s episode of “Breaking Bad” is not the season 5 finale per se, it is going to be the last episode of the Bryan Cranston series that we are going to be seeing for almost a year as the show waits until next summer to tie everything up in what will very likely be a bloodbath.

Before we even get to 2013, though, there will be plenty more bloodshed following the shocking and heart-wrenching death of Mike Sunday night. Walk knows now that there are nine people who could be specifically working to sell him out at any given time, and he is going to make it his utmost priority to try and find a way to stop them at all costs. He has a man in Todd with some major connections to prison, and he also knows that Lydia has all of the names that can be passed down to him from within the operation.

So how does Jesse fit in to all of this? To put it frankly, he doesn’t. In the promo below, he tries to reason with Walt against making too bold of a move — but he is quick to remind him that he pulled out of the trade along with Mike, so he no longer has a say in what he decides to say and do. Walt has really ventured into full-on villain mode, and it’s a scary sight to see.  Can anyone stop him? Since Hank is still as clueless as can be, the only two seemingly capable of stopping him are Jesse and Sykler.

What do you think is going to happen during the 2012 finale next week? We want to hear from you below! If you want to check out our review of Sunday’s new episode, be sure and hit up the link here.

Photo: AMC


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