Fan Expo 2012: ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Walking Dead’ top TV costumes

What we love the most about attending any Con is the amount of time and effort that some fans put into supporting some of their favorite properties, and this year’s Fan Expo in Toronto was no exception. However, we wanted to do something a little bit different than just sow off some people dressed like Batman or Princess Peach from “Super Mario Bros.” — we instead took on the task of trying to find some of our favorite costumes from the world of television on the show floor.

With that in mind, we’re presenting five of our personal favorites — though keep in mind this isn’t really a costume among the top five.

1. “The Walking Dead” tribute – Everything about this family’s theme costume is fun, but we especially like the impersonation of Rick that is done here that made us catch him from across the room. Not only that, but we never confused the character for Doctor Who or Indiana Jones — which some other cosplayers did not succeed at.

2. Cosmo and Wanda from “The Fairly OddParents” – We do love a good tribute to Nickelodeon as much as the next guy, especially when the tribute is of a show as brilliant as this one. We don’t really see many Cosmo and Wanda costumes anymore, and we’re a sucker for people who come to the show dressed together. Can’t we just let out a collective “aww” here?

At the next convention, we now issue the challenge for someone to dress up as Ren, Filbert from “Rocko’s Modern Life,” or any of the characters from “Ahhh! Real Monsters” that were scaring people before Disney and Pixar were.

3. “Star Trek” with a party angle – Let’s face it — if you are going to a convention, then odds are you are going to see a number of “Star Trek” costumes that are fun. However, so many of them end up just looking the same and lacking much enthusiasm.

What we love about these two guys (who were attending the expo’s Q&A with LeVar Burton) is that they each have their own spin on the classic show. One of them looks extremely enthusiastic, and the other looks like he was just finished partying a little too hard on the Enterprise.

4. Any “Lost” reference – Yes, there were a number of people dressed in more elaborate costumes than white coats from the Dharma Initiative –but we’ll just take a “Lost” reference any time we can. Because the costumes on the show were so ordinary, this is not something that many people choose to brave at conventions.

With that being said, let’s have more Dharma workers in the future — heck, we’d even take somebody dressed as Locke or Sawyer as long as they get the hairstyle just right.

5. Daenerys Targeryan – Last but not least,  we have to give a little love to this tribute to “Game of Thrones” circa season 2. We saw a number of Dany costumes throughout the convention (though strangely none of any other characters, despite our desire to see someone run around as Varys or King Robert), but few of them managed to get a signature element of the costume right — the win. You can’t just wear a blonde wig and expect it to be good enough — it has to be the right shade — otherwise, it looks like you are representing a different show altogether.

What is the one TV costume that you would die to see at any Con? We want to hear your thoughts on the subject below! Stay tuned, as we’ll have more from this past weekend’s convention in the coming days.

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