‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Is the plan still a go?

Last night in the “Big Brother” house, we saw what could go down as both one of the greatest and shadiest moves in the history of the show — Dan faked being freaked out after being stuck in isolation for 24 hours, called a house meeting and staged his own funeral, threw Danielle under the bus hard to the point of tears, and then told her it was all part of a plan to get Jenn to use the Veto on him, forge a new alliance with her and Frank, and then backdoor Britney out of this game.

As strange as the plan, it’s even stranger that it seems to be working. Now that Jenn has been clued in on everything that has happened — including the Quack Pack and Ian’s betrayal of them — she does seem down on using the Veto so long as it ensures her own safety from the game. It doesn’t seem, though, that this will happen for a while given that every person in this new alliance is much more of a threat than she is.

Really, this whole plan is going to depend largely on no one figuring out what is going on until the Veto Ceremony happens a little later in the day. Ian is supposedly going to go first and has no plans to use his Veto — but if someone clues him in, he could change his mind and things could hit the fan. This is a rather delicate plan, and after he goes Jenn will have an opportunity to make her move so that she and Frank can get rid of somebody that has been pushing hard for his exit pretty much all season long. If Dan ends up winning this season, doesn’t he have to go down as one of the greatest players ever? With moves like this, he’s getting close.

Check back later in the day, as we will have more from the Veto Ceremony itself. To find out more about how this plan came to happen, be sure to read the story here.

Photo: CBS

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