‘The Newsroom’ finale review: Signing off

When “The Newsroom” kicked off its first season earlier this summer, we saw the life of Will McAvoy change courtesy of a young woman in the audience with a dumb question, and a sign held up by one Mackenzie McHale in the audience. On Sunday night, everything came full circle with a finale that was excellent, but at the same time did not necessarily answer too many questions with the exception of Will keeping his job.

When it comes to romance, for example, not that much has changed. Although Maggie and Jim have now kissed — and are clearly aware of each other’s feelings — she has still decided  Meanwhile, Will has also decided to not tell Mackenzie about the message he left her on the night that Osama bin Laden was killed, which (as revealed through the phone hacking) was a confession to her that there were still some feelings there. Mackenzie never heard it, and thus there was great panic and confusion. Even Sloan got in on the act this week by admitting to having feelings for Don, even though she realizes that nothing will probably come from it.

In going back to the news, what is really important here is that it looks like TMI will be closing its doors after the hacking allegations, and that Will can continue to bash the Tea Party for a while — even if this particular game is starting to feel a little bit old. Is this show at time preachy? Sure, but we love how seriously it takes its job of reporting the news and telling the stories around it. There is nothing that captures the essence of reporting so well while also making it entertaining, and this is why we are really going to miss this show — especially since we still don’t know who threatened Will’s life or why he was so intent on hiring the very woman who once spent his career on a spiral outside of admiring her gusto for wanting a job with him.

What did you think about this finale? We want to hear from you below! We recently did an exclusive interview with one of the newsroom staffers in Margaret Judson, and you can check it out over here.

Photo: HBO

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