‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Dan’s ‘funeral’

If you thought that Dan Gheesling was dead in the “Big Brother” game, think again — as a matter of fact, he may be in the process of pulling off one of the greatest moves in “Big Brother” history.

So what happened here? It’s really long and rather elaborate, and it all started when the season 10 champ emerged from his party chamber (where he had been sleeping as a punishment for the Power of Veto Competition). He was clearly disoriented, and even had to go the Diary Room to get some treatment — however, it also looks like this was somehow part of an elaborate plan on his end. He had a full 24 hours to think of a strategy, and he has one. It started with him playing up being sick as a way to distract people from what he was doing, and then he even staged a mock “funeral” for his life in the “Big Brother” game. He started by saying nice things about everyone, and ended with throwing Danielle under the bus and saying that she was “dead to him.”

Really, this whole ordeal was yet another elaborate stunt to distract everyone from what was really going on — Dan selling out everyone in the Quack Pack to Frank and making a new alliance with him, Jenn, and Danielle (who he is really fine with). The plan now is to get Jenn to use the Veto on Dan, and then put Britney up as a replacement nominee. If this doesn’t happen (or if Ian somehow manages to Veto Britney), it’s possible that either Shane or Ian could go up against Danielle instead.

This is a brilliant move by Dan to ensure his safety, but there is still one issue with the plan — the votes. Say it’s Britney against Danielle — in this case, Dan and Jenn would obviously vote to evict Britney. Who else would? This plan seems based on Shane voting to keep his “no-mance” partner in the game over his former coach, and we’re not sure he will do that. If Shane, Ian, and Joe all vote Danielle out, she’s a goner.

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Photo: CBS

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