‘Weeds’ review: Season 8 continues to shift

If there is one thing we have learned through watching “Weeds” this season, it is to never expect anything to stay the same forever. We thought that the show was reaching its happy ending a few weeks ago with Jill pregnant, Nancy and Silas getting a new job, and with Shane getting a cushy job in the police force.

Now, we’re not quite so sure where this series is going, and it looks a bit like the Botwin family is going to get one final dose of comeuppance before sailing away into the sunset. Shane is on the verge of some enormous trouble due to a stolen car that he impounded, Silas is taking a risky new job in North Carolina, and even Doug is having to face that his “charity” is now going to have to start being an actual charity and not just an operation for money. The only people seemingly getting off well at the moment are Andy and Nancy — and even they have risks. In the case of the former, he has decided to marry some waitress he just met because she looks so great on the surface — and while the Botwin family matriarch seemingly has a good thing going with the rabbi, she is going to have to see her son take off across the country with this new job.

At this point, we can all admit that “Weeds” is not the show it once was — much of the edge is now gone, but we have come to know and love these characters so much that we have to see this true. And strangely, we do want to see them happy despite all of the crimes they have broken along the way.

What did you think about this week’s new episode, and do you like the way in which this show is wrapping itself up now? To check out some more of the latest “Weeds” news, be sure and visit the story here.

Photo: Showtime

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