‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: First photo of Mulan!

Do you want to catch a glimpse at Mulan on “Once Upon a Time“? Luckily (and with just five weeks until the show returns with new episodes), we have just that very thing.

The photo to the left is the first of actress Jamie Chung as the legendary warrior princess ever since her casting was first announced earlier this summer, and we already know that she is going to be a rather interesting character to watch. Luckily, producers are going to waste no time in showing her off, either — she will first appear during the September 30 premiere, and will likely recur beyond that for the rest of the series (or at least until her arc is complete).

Speaking to TV Guide (who first published the photo), here is what Chung had to say about her story:

“I go on a journey with Prince Phillip to find his princess, Aurora …¬†There’s this evil spirit that’s moving and my character ends up bonding with Sleeping Beauty. And as you’ve heard, Captain Hook is joining us.”

Will Mulan cross paths directly with Hook? That’s to be seen, but Chung seems pretty confident that her character could take him down:

“If you compare the size and length of my sword to his hook, who do you think has the longer reach?” ¬†

Colin O’Donoghue is going to be taking on the part of the notorious pirate villain, and in addition to that Sarah Bolger and Julian Harris (“Pretty Little Liars”) are going to be Aurora and Phillip, respectively. We know that this is not the end of the new characters this season, either — there is going to be a new mysterious character named Jack appearing, and there is also talk about maybe seeing Peter Pan at some point now that the show has the rights to do so.

Are you excited to see what Mulan brings to the show?

Photo: ABC

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