‘Breaking Bad’ review: Did you see [spoiler] coming?

After several seasons of seeing some consistently in Walter White’s life, it looks as though the world of “Breaking Bad” is getting ready to split open — and a few people are going to start falling through the cracks.

(Warning: the following contains major spoilers from Sunday night. I repeat, major spoilers.)

First and foremost, we have to look at the fact that Walt may actually be looking at the possibility of cooking without his usual crew. Mike has taken off in order to avoid the DEA trail a little bit better, and Jesse just opted to quit even without a sizable sum of money. This just shows you how much of a monster Walt has become — people are willing to leave just for the sake of leaving.

However, are they really out of this? Far from it. Even though Walt is now cooking with the help of Todd (the guy who shot the kid), the DEA investigation is amping up thanks to a certain somebody selling Mike out. This is what really set the wheels in motion for what became the most powerful moment of season 5 so far — Walt, anxious for power and to run the ship, decided that he was going to be the one rather than Saul and Jesse to bring Mike’s personal documents to him. Then, Walt’s desire to know everything led to him threatening Mike and eventually firing a gun at him. The only thing more stunning than Mike’s sudden death was the way in which it happened — with him putting his own blood on his hands so that Walt could not have the satisfaction of doing it himself. He knew he was a goner, and it was an end to one of the most feared characters on this show. We also love how Vince Gilligan decided to do this scene in contrast to the death of Gus Fring — there was no elaborate show here. Rather, we didn’t even see Mike hit the ground. We just heard the sound of it happening.

Do you think the show will ever be the same without Mike, and do you think his death was really necessary in order to push the show forward? It is an episode that is going to haunt us for some time, and it was also a fine send-off for a character who has become notorious.

If you want to check out some more scoop from the finale via Bryan Cranston, be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: AMC

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