‘True Blood’ finale review: Born in blood

Sunday night’s finale for “True Blood” promised to be a big one, as we finally had an opportunity to see many major stories from this season come to a close. Is the Vampire Authority over, and has Sookie found the vampire responsible for killing her parents? Stay tuned to find out.

When the dust cleared at the end of this episode, there was so much that happened that we don’t even know where to start — the most important thing being that Bill Compton has managed to evolve past his vampire form to the point of becoming some sort of vamp-god similar to Lilith. He tricked Salome into taking the blood, killed her, and then transformed in front of some people that he loved the most at one point in Sookie and Eric.

While this was a powerful moment, we actually wish that the show had done a better job tying up some of its other loose ends across the course of the entire episode. We don’t know whether or not Luna is alive or dead, and what is going to happen to Sam and Emma now that they have exposed the Authority live on the air. Meanwhile, we also don’t know if Holly is going to stay with Sheriff Andy and raise the four fairy-babies that he is now a father to. While we know now that Alcide is the pack master and has sworn off V, there is still a mystery as to how much of his pack will join him. The death of Sookie’s parents is currently a complete mystery.

In closing of the excellent revelations brought on by this episode, Pam and Tara kissed! Unfortunately, it looks like Jessica and Jason are a thing of the past.  Despite all of the new characters entering the show this year, Nora at the moment really seems to be the only one with a role to play moving forward if the show wants her.

What was your favorite moment from this episode, and what do you think about the prospect of Bill as god? Be sure and share your thoughts below, and you can check out some more “True Blood” news at this link.

Photo: HBO

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