‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Frank lays out his plans

When you really don’t have anyone in the “Big Brother” house truly on your side, it can be rather tough at times as a viewer to find out what your intentions are. After all, who are you going to talk to?

This is ultimately why we love having Frank Eudy in this game — not only does he play hard, but he also has a knack for talking to the cameras when no one is around as a way of reaching out to some of the fans. On Sunday, he actually revealed quite a bit that we didn’t know already — including that he wants his final four to be himself, Danielle, Jenn, Shane, and Joe. Danielle is the first person that he wants out of the group, and then he wants to follow that up with Jenn. We don’t really understand either the latter move or the willingness to take Shane to the end here, mostly because Frank would win in a landslide easily over the rocker and the chef — but Shane has a number of Quack Pack allies who could vote for him based on allegiance alone.

The other thing that is important here is that Frank is well aware that he cannot really trust Ian again, and wants to get him out of the house next if at all possible. Ultimately, he seems more intent on getting rid of his strategic threats more than physical threats, though that may be his ego talking considering how many challenges the guy has won as of late. After Ian, Britney (another social threat) is the next target.

The biggest thing standing in Frank’s way is something rather simple — he has to win his way to survival. Thanks to a punishment from the Veto Competition to go along with the chum baths and the carrot costume, he is also banned from taking part in the next two Head of Household competitions.

Do you think Frank has the right idea in getting rid of social rather than physical threats? To check out some more scoop from the feeds, be sure and read the link here.

Photo: CBS

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