‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Who won the Power of Veto?

The Power of Veto competition is now over in the “Big Brother” house, and it was a pretty big one. As we’ve said previously, this competition specifically can impact how events unfold in a huge way, as Ian also has a Veto that he won from Pandora’s Box, and is debating using it based on the outcome here.

So who was victorious? Let’s just say that you are probably stunned. After struggling in a number of challenges all season long, Jenn finally won a competition and now has the Power of Veto in her possession. However, it looks as though her plan is to keep the nominations the same and send Dan out the door Thursday — which is what Frank (who is confined to a carrot costume for the next week) wants. It also looks, though, like Jenn is going to be on slop for a good while moving forward.

This was one of those tasks that is really all about how badly you want it, and last time Britney was involved in this, it produced some hilarious results as she was shackled to Brendon for 24 hours. This time around, she is shackled to Danielle — which is probably at least a step above Rachel’s fiancee. It looks like Danielle is in the free and clear, but when it comes to Dan the punishment is easily the worst — he has to be locked in a have not “party room” for 24 hours, complete with loud music and laser lights. He seems to be handling it rather well so far, but we will see if that lasts.

With the nominations likely staying the same, it’s likely that Ian will not use his own power — mostly because it would lead to either Britney or Shane being put on the block in place of Dan or Danielle.

Are you stunned that Jenn actually won the challenge, and is keeping the nominations the same the right move? To check out more from the live feed, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: CBS

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