‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale spoilers: Sneak peeks from ‘The Lady Killer’

We’ve been waiting all summer for this, but on Tuesday night “Pretty Little Liars” will finally answer the major question — who is on the A-Team, and who has betrayed everyone in doing so?

Based on our first sneak peek from “The Lady Killer,” it does look as though somebody is going to be either on death’s door or beyond it as we see a body being carted away — and more so than anyone else, Hanna is in tears. While this is happening, we see Emily being questioned about how she knew the person — and whether or not she considered them to be a friend to her. Do we have a guess who this victim is? Caleb seems like an obvious choice, but we think that it is off-base to suggest that whoever is being carted away is actually dead. It could be someone like Lucas, who we know isn’t actually dead just yet — and this would explain why Hanna was more upset than any of the other Liars over what happened. (The fact that the policeman talks about the victim as a “friend” to Emily eliminated the possibility of it being a parent.) Heck, it’s possible that Mona escaped from Radley and she is the victim for knowing too much. (One of these promos does suggest that she is ready to leave the asylum.)

The person who is primary suspect #! at the moment is none other than Paige, but at this point it seems a little bit too obvious for her to be involved. We know that she was jealous of Alison as well as Maya, but that alone does not make her a killer. Does she have a dark past? Definitely, but so do a good many people on this show.

As a way to stop Emily, Hanna and Spencer are going to try and have some sort of intervention, and we have a feeling that this is not going to work out well. Why stage something like this when you are acting on such speculation and a few pieces of evidence?

What do you think is going to happen in this episode, and who do you is the likely guilty party? We want to hear from you below! To check out some possible motivations for many of these suspects, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: ABC Family

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