‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Campaigns and Pandora’s Box speculation

After last night easily had more action than just about any other time in “Big Brother 14,” so with that in mind it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that it took a little bit of time for some people to start campaigning in order to save themselves.

One of the first people to really speak to the new Head of Household in Frank Friday morning was Joe, who seems to be safe yet again this week due to him not being a threat in any shape or form. The plan at the moment is to put up Dan and Danielle, with the primary reason being that he doesn’t want to give Dan an extra vote, or have someone who would use the Veto on him if they win the upcoming challenge. So long as Dan loses the PoV, he’s almost assured to be ┬áleaving this game unless Britney and Shane decided to kick Danielle to the curb.

While Frank has a pretty good plan to eliminate a threat, he is also making a couple of mistakes. First and foremost, he needs to realize that Shane is the one winning all of the challenges outside of him — in addition to that, he also needs to realize that Ian is not the innocent kid that he thinks. Frank is under the impression that Ian was threatened and bullied into going with the majority, when in reality he orchestrated Boogie’s exit and was planning to get Frank out of the game. Frank has forgiven him, but this could change if Dan manages to out Ian and Quack Pack to the point where he is actually believable.

Do you think that there is anything Dan could do to save himself? There is still some potential for drama this week, as Pandora’s Box seems to be coming up. (As of this writing, Frank is locked out of the HoH room.)

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Photo: CBS

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