‘Burn Notice’ summer finale review: Did you see [spoiler] coming?

About halfway through Thursday night’s summer finale for “Burn Notice,” we had a feeling that something rather suspicious was going on when the mission to stop Timothy Gray was happening as quickly as it was. After spending so much time trying to find the man seemingly responsible for Nate’s death, would he really come to them so easily in Panama?

Of course, this is where executive producer Matt Nix decided to play one of his greatest tricks of all. Throughout most of the episode was saw some brilliant work courtesy of John C. McGinley as Tom Card, who was trying to help Michael’s mother cope with the fact that she had just lost her son and could not forgive herself for it. In the middle of some of her moving speeches, though, what she did not realize was that Michael’s former teacher had sent him on a mission designed to take him own life. Card was the real traitor here, and seeing McGinley as a big bad is a prospect that is beyond exciting.

As we are without new episodes until November, there really is one question that we have left to ask now — what does Michael try and do now? Clearly, he does not have the resources to escape Panama, and it is almost as if he has been burned all over again minus the people that are a part of his small team. While Card was so accessible to him before this trip, we have a feeling that this man is suddenly going to turn into a ghost.

What did you think about this finale, and is there any motivation you can think of as to why Card would want Michael dead? We want to hear some of your theories below! To check out some more “Burn Notice” news, be sure and head over to this link.

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