‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale spoilers: More on Noel, Maya

During this current season of “Pretty Little Liars,” we have ended up learning something rather surprising — Maya was not only staying in the Rosewood area after she supposedly took off from the town, but she was living in the Kahn brothers’ now-infamous cabin. This discovery was made courtesy of the Liars’ themselves, but it still rather difficult to figure out just what to make of it. Why was Maya staying with Noel, and what could she hope to gain from it? There are many mysteries in this world, and at the moment this is one of them.

We don’t know how much this will play into the story during the summer finale airing on Tuesday night, but in a new interview with TV Fanatic, Brant Daughtery — who is behind the master schemer that is Noel — had the following message to say:

“They knew each other better than we thought. They had more interaction than we’ve seen so far. Really all we’ve seen of them is last season when Noel helps her out with her phone briefly, but he was letting her stay at the cabin and did certainly have that video of her being attacked, so I think there’s more to that relationship.”

There is also another worthy question worth asking in here that could also play into what is going on with Noel and Maya — why didn’t he turn in the video of her being attacked to the police? He is either trying to hide some skeletons that are in his own closet, or is just acting with some sort of awareness that even the cops in this town are not always what they seem. (Think Officer Garrett.)

We are not going to have to wait that long to see more of Daughtery in some shape or form — after all, ABC Family recently announced that a new web series entitled “Pretty Dirty Secrets” will air every Tuesday leading up to the Halloween special.

How do you think that Noel could be involved in all of this? If you want to check out a further look at the finale, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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