‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Will Adele Webber return?

Whenever you have a character on your show that produces Emmy nominations, there needs to be an unwritten rule to do everything you can to bring that person back. “Glee” has already made this move when it comes to their popular guest star Dot-Marie Jones, but the future is still out as to whether or not Loretta Devine will be back yet again for a turn on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Adele, the wife of Richard Webber suffering from Alzheimer’s. Although her scenes were poignant and exceptional during season 8, they were also used sparingly and rather uncomfortable to watch.

So will we see her more of Devine this coming season? We would assume so at some point given how important Adele is to Richard’s story — but speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a new interview, the actress claims that her status is still up in the air:

“You know, I’m waiting to hear about everything. The Client List, too. The contracts are coming up, they’re getting ready to go into the second season of that. So all of that is in the air. With Grey’s, I’ve always been recurring, which means they simply call and say, “Are you available?” And if you’re available, they can put you in, and if you’re not, they can push it. You know? I think they’re bringing me back, but I don’t really know, to be honest. And I don’t dare call over there and ask them!”

While we don’t imagine that Shonda Rhimes is going to go this route with a character that appears in just a few episodes a season, but we have seen shows promote people to series regulars just to ensure that they do not lose their availability. Some recent examples include “Glee” and Mike O’Malley and “The Big Bang Theory” and Kevin Sussman (which was only recently confirmed). Neither actor appears in every episode, but they want to ensure that they have them around in case that they need them at some point over the course of the year.

How much Adele do you want to see on this coming season? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and head over to this link to check out a new promo for season 9 of the show.

Photo: ABC

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