‘Royal Pains’ review: Meet the parents

Royal Pains” has aired some surprising episodes over the show’s run on USA, but the installment from Wednesday night may have to take the cake as one of the most surprising. Over the course of the hour, we found out a number of surprising things — even though there was also something that we wee a little bit disappointed about.

First things first, where was Dr. Sacani? This character has become a shining star this season — he’s like the Sheldon Cooper of doctors, and his little crush on Divya has us rooting for them as the new “will they or won’t they?” couple for the show. Unfortunately for the doctor, it seems firmly camped in the “won’t they” category for a while as Divya seems to have found a new man in an attractive Argentinian polo player. (But does he have a Ferrari?)

Outside of this story, this episode was really more about family than anything else, as we ended up learning that Eddie Lawson can be a great father when he needs to be — even when having an awkward dinner with Paige’s father the General. At first Evan thought that Eddie scared the man off with a story about his time in prison and trying to campaign for a spot on his campaign tour — but in reality, the General had to attend to some major issues in his Senate campaign. There were rumors that he had an affair decades ago with an unknown woman, and it was picked up like wildfire when the press learned that she died driving one of his cars.

What was the truth? In the shocker of the night, Paige uncovered that this woman was helping the General and her mom with an adoption — her own. All this time, she thought that she was their biological child. It was a surprising end to a good episode, even though we do want some more Sacani in our lives soon.

What did you think about this installment? If you want to check out some more “Royal Pains” news, be sure and head over to this link.

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