‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Eliana Girard, Alex Wong rule top 10

For the first time all season long, the contestants all ended up performing individually with an All-Star partner on Wednesday night’s new “So You Think You Can Dance” — and there were some standout numbers from the group. In addition, we finally had an opportunity to get to know some of these contestants now that there was time spent to focus on them.

Tiffany Maher – Is this one of the greatest discos we have ever seen on this show? It’s definitely near the top of the list. There were so many lifts, so many moves, and this was easily the most fun that Tiffany has had on stage. It was also her best routine of the season.

Whitney Carson – We don’t even know what to say about this jazz number outside of saying that it was another strong routine from Whitney. Now that she is no longer with Chehon — who is occasionally a little stale with his emotions — she is poised to potentially go even further.

Cole Horibe – Doing a cha-cha was hard enough for Cole — and if you have been following his online, you already know that he has also been struggling with an injury as of late. This did impact his performance a little bit, but it was still a solid job that should keep him around.

Lindsay Arnold – Lindsay jumped on board the “Hot Tamale Train” this week! (Yes, this did mean another annoying Mary Murphy shrill.) This was a strong Broadway routine, and Spencer Liff once again manages to get the best out of his contestant.

Will Thomas – Will is an interesting case on this show. He’s definitely a likable guy, and he has a great personality that shines through his dance. The issue? We just don’t think he is the best dancer left among the guys.

Cyrus Spencer – We actually think that this contemporary routine was Cyrus’ best in the competition thus far. We already know that the guy can pop and do hip-hop, but he really did this style rather well. Even if he does not end up winning this season, he’s definitely got a good case for most improved.

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – Luckily for Chehon, this hip-hop routine was at least slow enough that he could more or less retain some of his grace out on the floor. This was a far cry from anything that he has done before, and it was pretty great — even though Chehon has opened up and came out of his shell of doing the same thing every week.

George Lawrence II – It’s easy to see that George is a great dancer, and he can do anything he wants to technically. This routine was perfect from that standpoint … but then we run into our problem. We didn’t know that this dance was supposed to be raunchy until Nigel Lythgoe told us at the end.

Eliana Girard – Overall, this is the best performance on the night. Not only did it mark the return of the awesome Alex Wong (who has been cursed by injuries over the years), but Eliana proved that she has the same ability that Melanie Moore had last year. Not only is she talented, but she knows how to tell the story.

Audrey Case – In closing the night, Audrey had to tackle a difficult hip-hop number with tWitch, who we could probably watch for an entire show without getting bored. It had a wonderfully creepy vibe to it, but it did seem as though Audrey was just not up to his level.

When it comes to the results, there was a surprise — even though Audrey did not have her best dance this week, she was still eliminated along with George — who we all saw coming since he has copious amounts of experience in jeopardy.

What dance was your favorite this week, and do you think America and the judges got the vote right? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to compare how the contestants fared to our pre-show rankings, be sure and click here.

Photo: Fox

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