‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Mending fences

We thought about waiting until after Wednesday night’s “Big Brother 14” before posting another update from the live feeds … but there is just so much good stuff happening right now that we have to try and talk about it a little bit.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.)

Now that the fate of one Mike “Boogie” Malin seems to be a little bit set in stone, the attention of the house is now turning to trying to find a way to get a team together in order to take down the Dan / Danielle / Shane / Britney alliance. Frank has gone to Jenn to try and explain some of his actions campaigning to save Boogie, and they need to realize that regardless of what happens Thursday, they need to work together after the eviction in order to get further in the game. The same seems to go for Ashley and Jenn — who was especially hurt by one of her former alliance members thinking about trying to boot her from the game for Boogie’s sake. (Even though Jenn is hesitant about working with Ashley again, she’ll probably come around.) Frank is going to vote for Mike, mostly because he doesn’t want to see him leave via a unanimous vote.

Meanwhile, panic is setting in with the dominant alliance over who could get nominated. Ian caused Britney to freak out when he told Dan and Danielle that they were Frank’s targets if he is to win Head of Household on Thursday, and everyone is worried that Ian will not put Frank on the block if he ends up rising to power; therefore, Dan is refusing to throw a challenge for him.

We’re really just hoping that somebody outside of the dominant four wins HoH on Thursday, just to see what they decide to do with the power that is given to them. Dan seems to be running this game at the moment, and the question is just whether or not anyone is going to see this in time to get rid of him.

Do you think Jenn is going to come around and realize that her best shot at staying put is working with Ashley, Frank, and possibly Joe and Ian if they wake up and smell the coffee? We want to hear from you below! You can check out more scoop from the feeds by either clicking here, or seeing the sidebar to the right.

Photo: CBS

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