Could ‘The Killing’ be saved by DirecTV or Netflix?

When AMC announced that they were canceling “The Killing” after two seasons, we were feeling pretty confident that the series was going to be dead as a doornail. Not only were the ratings a disappointment, but the Rosie Larsen case had been solved — and thus, there was really no major justification in keeping the show going outside of trying to take a risk with a big new mystery.

Luckily, it appears that someone else out there may still be willing to take that chance. According to a new report from TVLine, DirecTV and Netflix are each strongly considering picking the show up and adding it to their original programming slate. The two services have produced some quality TV in the past, with DirecTV reviving “Friday Night Lights” and Netflix helping out “Arrested Development” with a series of new episodes. Since they love critically-acclaimed fare, this is very much within the realm of possibility.

While there is some reason for hope here based on all these comments, we also have to remember not to get too ahead of ourselves here.Netflix and DirecTV each conduct research on a number of shows to see whether or not they are worth picking up, with “Terra Nova” being a recent example. However, that does not always mean that the show ends up ever seeing the light of day. As a matter of fact, the “Damages” or “Friday Night Lights” pickups are more the exception than the rule.

With all this being said, we would certainly be for a third season of “The Killing.” The writing was always some of the strongest on TV, and it felt at times like many fans held the ending for season 1 against the show for so long, they missed out on what was a pretty sensational final episode.

Do you think that “The Killing” should come back? We want to hear some of your thoughts below!


Photo: AMC

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