ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: The latest questions for Kate

When it comes to our title character on “Castle,” we have come to learn that he is more or less an open book in many ways — while we have yet to meet his father, it’s pretty clear the sort of person that he is and the people he chooses to spend time with on a regular basis.

When it comes to Beckett, meanwhile, we’ve had a little bit of a different situation — she has never been one to show too much emotion, or give off that much information when it comes to the woman that she was in the past.

So what does executive producer Andrew Marlowe have to say about some of what we could see when it comes to Kate moving forward? Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, the executive producer tried his best to hint at some sort of skeletons that could be in her closet that her relationship with Rick could now bring out:

“Well, she keeps her cards pretty close to her vest, so that’s why they’re more fun. It feels like everybody knows the same Castle — he’s kind of the same guy to everybody in their life — but you can see that Kate is somebody who plays roles. She’s a particular sort of person to her father, and a particular sort of person to Castle, a particular sort of person to Gates, to Montgomery…. She’s very guarded in situations, and she chooses what to reveal about herself. Now that she’s in this relationship with Castle, is she going to reveal a little bit more? Or is she going to keep her secrets somewhere where she can draw her lines and boundaries?”

If nothing else, this relationship is going to bring out all sorts of interesting storylines — including one that Marlowe is enthused about where we could end up having Rick’s mother meet Kate’s father.

Now that these two are together, are there any sort of storylines that you would like to see play out? If you wan to check out some more scoop when it comes to Seamus Dever’s character of Ryan, be sure and read the story over here.

Photo: ABC

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