‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: The education of Mike ‘Boogie’

If you watched the “Big Brother 14” live feeds Tuesday night (or read our post from earlier in the day), you already know what was going to go down this morning when it came to Boogie — and now, we have some details about this discussion with Frank.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers from the live feed.)

Frank informed Boogie early in the day that he was in fact going to be the person leaving this game, as Joe has more or less agreed to side with Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Britney. So is he angry about it? Sure, but not as much as you would think. Boogie was pretty accepting of his fate, and said that he didn’t want to hurt Frank in any way by acting crazy and blowing up everyone’s games before they end up leaving. He claimed that his only real hope was to try and give Joe a heart attack — and he really didn’t want to go down the road. Then, he said something surprising — that maybe this is the day in which he finally grows up.

Even though Boogie is not going to call everyone out and cause some enormous fights, he does still plan on doing a couple of things before he says goodbye to the house. He wants to call Danielle out on her lying about her profession, and he also plans to tell her that he has a special power in a last-ditch effort to get her to change her vote in a panic. (Let’s just hope this works better than the last time superpowers were invoked with Lawon.)

With all of this information in mind, we really don’t expect today to be really that eventful in the house. Instead, we expect most everyone trying to regroup from this crazy week in order to ready for the Head of Household challenge tomorrow.

Do you think Boogie is doing the best thing for Frank’s game by not going out swinging? We want to hear some of your thoughts!┬áTo check out some more updates from the “Big Brother” house, be sure and visit the link here. There are also going to be some more updates in the sidebar to the right.

Photo: CBS

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