‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Death is not always the answer

Ever since we first found out that Eric Dane’s character of Dr. Mark Sloan was going to be leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” after this coming season, there was really one hope hat we had — that the show would find some way to write him out that did not involve death. After all, we just had to go through one of the most painful exits in TV history in Lexie Grey, and it really seems like losing Mark without him having an opportunity to move forward would be like pouring salt in the wound.

While we don’t necessarily have anything concrete to suggest that Mark will indeed survive, some new rumors floating around online (in addition to the fact that we know he at least makes it to Seattle Grace) allows us to have at least a little bit of hope. According to TVLine, the season premiere title of “Going, Going, Gone” may not have to do with death as much as we would initially think. What is it referring to instead? That much we don’t know, but this is still a little bit of welcome news considering that it is easy to assume the worst when it comes to this show. The only thing that really comes to mind is baseball, and we cannot exactly picture Mark hitting home runs in his present state.

While we are going to find out more details in the weeks ahead, there is sadly still over a month to go until “Grey’s” returns to ABC with all-new episodes. Remember that Dane could appear in as many as two episodes given how the show chooses to flash back to the plane crash — but after that, he’s probably gone for good unless he wants to make an appearance down the road at the finale.

How do you think Mark should be relieved of his duties on the show? We want to hear some of your theories! If you haven’t caught the new promo for season 9 yet, be sure to check it out by clicking this link.

Photo: ABC

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