‘MasterChef’ review: The final four are…

This season of “MasterChef” continues to find a way to get more and more intense by the minute, and on Tuesday night we saw the departure of someone who we felt was a darkhorse candidate to win this whole competition. Monti was a strong cook, sure, but she also was as much of an inspiration as anyone — her cooking was easily the most rustic out of anyone left, and she really had come the furthest from just cooking for her kids. While there are some stronger cooks out there (see Frank or Becky), we’re not quite sure if either of them has the same sort of background that makes them interesting to watch.

With Monti’s exit following a challenge all about replicating one of Graham Elliot’s best dishes, we are now left with just four home cooks with a shot at becoming the next MasterChef and winning everything hat comes along with it. So where do we think they stand? Based on their journeys so far it feels pretty defined for us who the favorites are:

4. Josh – On a personal note we really like the guy, but he has been eliminated once already and has had some close calls ever since he returned to the competition. He also made the cardinal sin of saying he wanted to “improve” upon Graham’s sashimi dish — and really, he just should’ve used another word to describe what he was doing.

3. Becky – She’s a great cook, but her perfectionist nature probably makes her the least endearing of the remaining chefs. We just don’t see the same heart in her food as with the top two — though granted, we haven’t been sitting there tasting.

2. Christine – This is going to be a pretty interesting final few weeks for the show, mostly because there are some really great chefs remaining in the competition. If Christine loses, it’s not going to be because she did something wrong — it’s going to be because Frank was just that much better.

1. Frank – We don’t know if there has ever been someone in this competition who has been as consistently great as Frank as this season. He’s only had a couple of minor bumps in the road, but when you look at his performance in every challenge, it’s pretty darn solid. We’re sure that the judges would like a male winner this year after women took home the title the first two seasons, and Frank is a worthy choice

Who are you rooting for out of the remaining home cooks? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more of the latest “MasterChef” news, be sure and visit our story over at this link.

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